The Lyric Advisory Board oversees a dynamic, forward-thinking cultural corporation with diversified holdings across multinational platforms. Our streamlined approach to information acquisition enables us to move nimbly across multiple growth streams, with an emphasis on economic intuition and political fatalism. 

LAB recognizes that to maintain professional discipline within an impersonal construct requires omniscience and diligence to doctrine, with ample room for improvisation. Our financial instruments are weapons in the wrong hands.

We embrace the future and fear the present. We live in the past and learn from the parallel. We are, were, and always will be. 

Heidi Spencer - President and Founder
Allen Coté - CEO
Nathan Kilen - COO
Jeff Brueggeman - Custodial Management
John Patek - CVO
Margaret Stutt - Overseas Development
Quinten Farr - CQO
Benjamin Schaefer - CA
Willa Moon Coté - Communications Intern